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This bulletin and video series provides practical information on new technologies, research results, good building practices and emerging technical issues in residential construction for Licensed Residential Builders and others in the industry.

Bulletin Description

Heat Recovery Ventilation

This bulletin focuses specifically on HRV design for new Part 9 houses.

Managing Environmental Risks During a Renovation Project

Outlines the most common environmental risks that contractors, tradespeople and building occupants may be exposed to during the renovation or repair of existing buildings and precautions that you can take before work begins to avoid risks.

Rainscreen Walls







Highlights the results of an industry-sponsored program that was performed to verify the long-term performance of rainscreen walls in multi-unit residential construction in British Columbia.

Reducing Energy Use in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings Focuses on the energy consumption of multi-unit residential buildings and how to reduce energy use and costs to building owners and occupants.

Concrete Driveways


Highlights common issues encountered with concrete driveways and provides information on how to select materials, build and maintain driveways.

Sidewall Venting of Gas Appliances Examines issues surrounding sidewall venting along with current installation requirements and recommendations.

Fenestration Energy Performance: Requirements for Residential Buildings in British Columbia


Energy performance requirements for windows, glazed doors and skylights used in residential buildings, and provides a roadmap for compliance. This bulletin will help clarify the building code and BC Energy Efficiency Act requirements and the supporting standards.
Compatibility of Fasteners and Connectors with Residential Pressure Treated Wood

Best practices for types of fasteners and connectors to be used in contact with treated wood.

Energy Performance Requirements for the Building Enclosure

This bulletin describes the energy performance requirements for the building envelope in accordance with either ASHRAE 90.1-2010 or 2011 NECB for new multi-unit residential buildings.

Poured-in-place Concrete Residential Construction


Highlights various strategies and steps that can be taken to facilitate continued effective design and construction practices for exposed poured-in-place concrete walls.