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Building BC is published by the Homeowner Protection Office for Licensed Residential Builders and Licensed Building Envelope Renovators, as well as our partners within the residential construction industry.

Green Roofs Conference Sparks Constructive Dialogue

The HPO’s Green Roofs conference attracted a diverse group of participants. The Green Roof Task Group has released its report and recommendations.


New Legislation Raises Professionalism in Residential Construction Industry

Recent amendments to the Homeowner Protection Act are a major step forward in raising the standard of professionalism in B.C.’s residential construction industry. These long-anticipated improvements will benefit builders and consumers alike.

Rich Coleman, Minister responsible for Housing, said: “These changes will provide consistency and improve the quality of construction in British Columbia.”


Building BC Special Edition

A special fall issue of Building BC will be devoted entirely to explaining the Homeowner Protection Amendment Act and regulation. 


Building Smart #8:
Heating Choices: A Survivor’s Guide for Builders

This fall the HPO will present Building Smart #8. This three-hour seminar will equip builders and designers with the tools that they need to assist clients in making informed decisions on heating and systems in new homes.

The seminar covers:

  • heating system options available in B.C. and an explanation of the technologies behind them variables that affect the selection of the primary heating systems for houses
  • a summary of related choices for integrating air conditioning, ventilation, air filtration and treatment options with the primary heating system,and
  • recent changes to B.C.’s provincial energy efficiency regulations for furnaces and thermostats.


Renewing your Warranty Agreement and HPO Licence

Builders must renew with both their warranty provider and the HPO annually. Expired, suspended or cancelled builders may not continue building and are not eligible to enroll new homes, so it is important to deal with your paperwork when you receive it.


New Building Envelope Guide for Houses

Now available from the HPO:

  • Practical, step-by-step, fully illustrated Guide.
  • Designed to help builders, architects, engineers, building officials and the trades to put into practice the new building envelope requirements of the B.C. Building Code and the Vancouver Building By-Laws.
  • More than 150 full-colour 3-D images.


Builder Insight Bulletin #4:
Changes to Energy Efficiency Regulations

The HPO has released Builder Insight #4, focusing on important changes to British Columbia’s Energy Efficiency Act.


Gearing Up for Builder Survey

This fall the HPO will again conduct its province-wide biennial survey of licensed residential builders. Builders are encouraged to complete the questionnaire which is designed to gauge their satisfaction with the effectiveness of the HPO’s licensing and home warranty insurance system, and research and education outreach.


Safe Radon Gas Levels Under Review

Health Canada is considering changes to the national guideline for the level of radon gas in indoor air. The proposed change would lower the radon limit inside homes from 800 to 200 becquerels per cubic metre (Bq/m ).


Compliance Update

The HPO Compliance team has been pursuing a number of cases of illegal building activity. Crown Counsel laid charges against a number of individuals. These individuals were charged for selling or offering to sell owner-built homes without those homes being covered by home warranty insurance and without the builder being an HPO Licensed Residential Builder.


Heads Up From BC Safety Authority

The BC Safety Authority has launched a new public education campaign: Heads Up for Safety. The program informs homeowners doing gas and electrical renovations about the importance of hiring contractors licensed by the BC Safety Authority, and ensuring the necessary permits are obtained for this type of work.


Licensing and New Home Enrollments Statistics

Statistics of Licensed Residential Builders and Licensed Building Envelope Renovators, and new home enrollments.


Calendar of Events - Fall 2007

Listing of seminars, conferences and other events.


Building BC is published by the Homeowner Protection Office primarily for Licensed Residential Builders and Licensed Building Envelope Renovators

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