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Building BC is published by the Homeowner Protection Office for Licensed Residential Builders and Licensed Building Envelope Renovators, as well as our partners within the residential construction industry.

Green Roof Issues at HPO Conference

The HPO is attempting to resolve the issues surrounding green roofs and home warranty insurance. An issue paper has been prepared, and a one-day conference called Green Roofs and Homeowner Protection in British Columbia will be held on Tuesday, May 29, 2007 in Vancouver.


Building Envelope Guide for Houses

The Homeowner Protection Office is launching the Building Envelope Guide for Houses - Part 9 Residential Construction, which will be available later this spring.


Building Smart #7: Cladding and Moisture Protection

This spring the HPO will present Building Smart #7, that focuses on important new provisions for cladding and moisture protection for homes constructed under Part 9 of the 2006 BC Building Code and the 2007 Vancouver Building By-law.


Builder Insight #3: Poured-in-place Concrete Walls

The HPO has released Builder Insight #3, a bulletin that examines moisture management strategies for rain penetration control for multi-unit residential buildings constructed of poured-in-place concrete.


Plastic Venting Requirements for Gas-Fired Appliances

A supplement to the Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code ACSA-B149.1 has been developed that changes requirements for all plastic pipe venting systems for gas-fired appliances to be certified to the ULC S636 Standard for Type BH Gas Venting Systems. The provisions of the supplement become mandatory after June 30, 2007.


New Senior Research Officer Joins the HPO

HPO hired a new Senior Research Officer, Denisa Ionescu, responsible for leading and/or providing support for building science research projects and education and training initiatives related to residential construction, and education initiatives designed to bring about better informed and protected consumers.


Outcome of Owner-Builder Survey

Results are in from the HPO's survey of owner-builders and subsequent purchasers of owner-built homes.


ACQ Treated Wood and Metal Fasteners and Connectors

The HPO funded a field research study to examine the condition of fasteners and connectors in contact with ACQ treated lumber in B.C. This was in response to industry concern with the durability or possible premature corrosion of metal fasteners and connectors when used with wood treated using some preservatives, such as alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ).


Licensing and New Home Enrollments Statistics

Statistics of Licensed Residential Builders and Licensed Building Envelope Renovators, and new home enrollments.


Calendar of Events - Spring 2007

Listing of seminars, conferences and other events.


Building BC is published by the Homeowner Protection Office primarily for Licensed Residential Builders and Licensed Building Envelope Renovators

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