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Building Envelope Details Guide: Part 9 Residential Construction is available for order. Order online.

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  • An invaluable resource for homebuilders, designers and trades
  • Step-by-step construction detail descriptions
  • More than 150 full colour 3-D images
  • Practical experience and expertise of industry contributors
  • Current building science principles and building code requirements
  • Latest building science principles related to home moisture management issues
  • Describes different building envelope systems and related code requirements

This easy-to-use guide provides practical information on the design and construction of the building envelope for new homes constructed in accordance with Part 9 of the 2006 British Columbia Building Code (BCBC) and the 2007 Vancouver Building By-law (VBBL).

The Guide recognizes the complex ways that moisture influences building envelope durability and performance in the range of climate zones in British Columbia. It helps builders, designers and trades to put into practice the new Part 9 code provisions, including the new requirement for a rainscreen in the building envelope assembly of houses built in B.C.’s coastal or high moisture index regions.

The discussion and details contained in the Building Envelope Guide for Houses are based on current building science principles and building code requirements that have been, and continue to be, explored by many industry groups and professionals. Published by the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO), the Guide was co-funded by the HPO and the Building Standards and Safety Branch, Office of Housing and Construction Standards.