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Ensuring compliance with the Homeowner Protection Act (Act) and its regulations is a key part of our work as we strive to protect British Columbia homebuyers. To be in compliance means to adhere to all laws, legal regulations and requirements.

We promote voluntary compliance through education and awareness. When necessary, we will enforce the Act and its regulations through Compliance OrdersMonetary Penalties and by recommending charges through Crown Counsel.

The HPO’s compliance efforts ensure:

  • Residential builders, homeowners and developers comply with the licensing requirements of the Act
  • Homes being built or sold in B.C. are covered by home warranty insurance where required, or are properly exempt from the Act’s licensing and home warranty insurance requirements
  • All disclosure requirements related to the Act are met 

The Compliance Team operates province-wide across B.C..

Our primary goal is to achieve voluntary compliance with the Act’s requirements through education and awareness. This includes:

  • Providing Regulatory Bulletins to help builders and others better understand the Act and its regulations
  • Using real-life Case Studies as a learning tool to help ensure compliance with the Act 
  • Communicating information to building departments and other stakeholders
  • Participating in industry events
  • Making presentations to the realtor sector
  • Sending information letters to stakeholders 

When voluntary compliance can’t be achieved, the HPO’s enforcement tools include Compliance Orders and Monetary Penalties (including court-ordered enforcement of both), and submitting reports to Crown Counsel recommending charges be laid under the Act.