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Maintenance Matters is a series of bulletins and videos designed to provide practical information on the maintenance of the building envelope of multi-unit residential buildings including townhouses, low and high-rise residential buildings.

Anyone who lives in or looks after a multi-unit residential building should read these bulletins including residents/unit owners, strata councils, housing co-ops, maintenance managers, property managers or building owners.

Proper maintenance of the building envelope can help prevent damage and avoid costly repairs in the future. To be notified of new Maintenance Matters bulletins or videos, subscribe by visiting the Email Subscriptions page.

Maintaining Your Heat Recovery Ventilation System Bulletin

The Impact of Delayed Maintenance and Renewals on Buildings Bulletin

Avoiding Exhaust Duct Problems Bulletin

Window and Door Replacement Bulletin

Reducing Energy Use in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings Bulletin

Creating and Implementing a Building Envelope Maintenance and Renewals Program Bulletin

At-Grade and Below-Grade Assemblies Bulletin

Exposed Wood Structures Bulletin

Cladding Bulletin

Building Envelope Maintenance and Renewals Planning Bulletin

Decks and Balconies Bulletin

Sealants Bulletin

Windows and Exterior Doors Bulletin

Avoiding Condensation Bulletin

Roofs Bulletin

Paints, Stains and Coatings Bulletin