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Regulatory Bulletins

A bulletin series to help Licensed Residential Builders and others better understand and interpret the Homeowner Protection Act and its regulations.

Residential Construction Performance

An online reference guide for homeowners and builders that explains how new homes should perform and which defects are covered under home warranty insurance in B.C.

Illustrated Guide for Seismic Design of Houses


This guide has been developed to assist builders, house designers and others in the residential industry in understanding and complying with the new 2012 BC Building Code requirements applicable to Part 9 houses in high seismic regions in British Columbia. Check out our new video with industry testimonials.

Illustrated Guides for Energy Efficiency Requirements


These three guides assist builders and industry stakeholders in understanding the new requirements in Section 9.36 of the 2012 British Columbia Building Code for housing and small buildings. Separate guides were designed to provide information for specific climate zones in British Columbia.

Building Enclosure
Design Guide



A resource guide that explores the latest research, design and construction best practices and offers practical solutions to ensure high-performance in new multi-unit residential construction (includes wood-frame construction in five and six-storey mid-rise buildings). Purchase online.

Housing Foundations and Geotechnical Challenges

This comprehensive reference tool explores best practices related to soils, foundations and associated geotechnical challenges for builders and other industry professionals, from pre to post-construction of single and multi-family residences. 

Managing Renewals Projects in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

This new online guide will assist owners, strata councils and co-op housing managers understand the benefits of developing a comprehensive renewals program to maintain the physical integrity and appearance of their building.

R22+ Effective Walls in Wood-Frame Construction in B.C. This free online illustrated guide will help builders and home designers build walls with R-22 or greater effective thermal performance, as required in the City of Vancouver under the 2014 Vancouver Building Bylaw and in Section 9.36. of the BCBC for houses built in Climate Zones 7B and 8 without an HRV. 

Heat Recovery Ventilation Guide for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

This comprehensive reference tool consolidates best practices for the design, installation and maintenance of heat recovery ventilation systems in multi-unit residential buildings.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Guide for Houses

This comprehensive reference tool consolidates best practices for the design, installation and maintenance of heat recovery ventilation systems in single family, semi-detached and row housing.

Best Practices for Air Sealing and Insulation Retrofits

This comprehensive reference tool consolidates best practices for air sealing and insulation retrofits for British Columbia homes.

Pathways to High-Performance Housing in British Columbia

Provides guidelines for designers and builders interested in the design and construction of single-family and small multi-family buildings that are substantially more energy efficient and lower in environmental impact than traditionally built homes.

Guide for Designing Energy-Efficient Building Enclosures


This guide looks at design and construction best practices for improving thermal performance of building enclosures of wood multi-unit residential buildings. A companion to the HPO’s Building Enclosure Design Guide, it expands on the energy efficiency of building enclosures.

Window and Door Replacement Guide



This comprehensive publication guides readers through industry best practices for window and door replacement in wood-frame buildings, from single-family homes to multi-unit residential buildings. Applying the latest building science, it’s a valuable reference guide for construction industry professionals. Check out our new video with industry testimonials.

Envelope Guide
for Houses


This guide provides practical information related to the design and construction of the building envelope for new home construction in accordance with Part 9 of the 2006 British Columbia Building Code and the 2007 Vancouver Building By-law. Purchase online.

Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide
This guide helps British Columbia’s building industry address the impact of thermal bridging to reduce energy use. It evaluates cost effectiveness of improving the building envelope through different methods, building types and climates.


These guides provide useful information for new homebuyers and homeowners.

Maintenance Matters


A bulletin and video series designed to provide practical information on the maintenance of the building envelope of multi-unit residential buildings.

Builder Insight


Bulletin and video series that provides practical information on new technologies, research results, good building practices and emerging technical issues in residential construction for Licensed Residential Builders and industry.

Building BC


Building BC is published by the Homeowner Protection Office for Licensed Residential Builders and Licensed Building Envelope Renovators, as well as our partners within the residential construction industry.

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