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Homeowner Protection Office Technical Research & Education is part of BC Housing’s Corporate Services Branch.

HPO’s research and education initiatives support the mandate of the Homeowner Protection Act to help bring about improvements in the quality of residential construction for the benefit of the residential construction industry and consumers. R&E initiatives are carried out in following areas: consumer information, education and training, and new and improved technologies. The HPO partners with industry, other levels of government and educational institutions to leverage additional resources for these initiatives.

View the HPO Research and Education - Summary of Projects outlining initiatives currently underway or recently completed.

Builder Insight Bulletins
This bulletin series and companion videos provide practical information on new technologies, research results, good building practices and emerging technical issues in residential construction to Licensed Residential Builders and others in the industry.

Building Science Research Projects
The HPO partners with various agencies and industry organizations to identify research needs in the residential construction sector, initiate projects and disseminate results to the industry and consumers.

Building Smart Seminars
Building Smart seminars, workshops and webinars provide builders with best practices and up-to-date Building Code information for the construction and design of homes in B.C. Licensed Residential Builders, contractors, building officials, architects, engineers, trades and others involved in the home building industry can learn about the latest research and technology through these practical and informative sessions. 

Building Code Information for Residential Construction
Stay up-to-date with changes to the Building Code. This online resource connects builders and consumers to resources and information on the Building Code with a focus on residential construction.

HPO Survey Results
Take a look at the results from the survey of Licensed Residential Builders, as well as the Consumer Satisfaction and Awareness Survey that are carried out every two years.

Maintenance Matters Bulletins
The HPO's Maintenance Matters publications and companion videos are designed to provide practical information on the maintenance of the building envelope of multi-unit residential buildings, covering why maintenance needs to be performed regularly, what needs to be maintained and provides guidance in hiring professionals.